No access to AWS

I have not been able to perform the W1 laboratory (Optimize models using Automatic Model Tuning) because the Vocareum application does not allow me to access AWS.
When I try to access I get a warning message that says: “Your total lab usage time of 2087 minutes has exceeded the total allocated time of 60 minutes”.
I’ve been trying to do the test for two days.

I have the same problem. AWS Sagemaker Studio was inaccessible for two days this week, while the Vocareum counter was on, and now I get the same message as in the original post.
Can anyone do something about this?

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Finally Vocareum allowed me to access. But only for 30 minutes, which is not enough because the notebook routines take more than 30 minutes to execute.

I am facing similar issue.

Now I can’t even open the lab.

It gives this message while clicking Start Lab -

Your total lab usage time of 82 minutes has exceeded the total allocated time of 60 minutes

Is there a way to reset it?

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In another forum a moderator told me that they are already dealing with the problem with Vocareum

Vocareum is not working for me even in incognito. Will they give us a refund?