No kernel - seems to be in endless loop of starting

I know there are a lot of other similar issues, but I could not find solution in them.
Some of them I see a response a month later asking if this is still an issue.
I hope it won’t take a month to answer and I assume that some retrying might work sometime, but I am looking for a more solid solution, not retry within a day.

Hi, Ido.

Note that you filed this under DLS Course 1, but I do not recognize that notebook name and the screenshot you show talks about Amazon Sagemaker, which is not used in DLS. So I think you are probably talking about MLEP. I don’t know anything about the execution environment there. If you can move this thread to the appropriate category, that would increase the chances that someone who knows about that specialization will notice and offer some help. You can move it by using the little “edit pencil” on the title.

This looks like PDS to me.

You are correct,
thanks for the tip,
this is really cool feature to move a thread to a different course by editing the title :+1:

As I suspected coming later and retrying did the work.
Is there any other solution, other then trying after some time?
What is reasonable (average / worst case) time for a notebook to start?

Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been away for a few days.

Just to clarify, you are talking about the loading time from when you open up the sagemaker instance correct? In my experience, and I’ve loaded quite a few of them by now lol, about 2 minutes max. There is usually a little hiccup where I need to click wait for the page but it is not longer than a minute or so.

It doesn’t really sound like it is a connection/account error like in the plethora of other problems here, so I am not sure if the same resetting fix we apply to those problems would work in this situation.

I hope I was at least some help

Well it was much longer than 2 min, I estimate it was 10 min before I gave up.

I just took another peak at the screenshot… and that actually never happens to me. The quaint wait times I experience are before that when SageMaker is first loading.

The only thing I can think of that might help is checking out the Amazon FAQ’s or troubleshooting for SageMaker. Some of these sound like a pretty similar issue: connectivity, launch issues, notebook pending and cant open jupyter

Same here, too much frustration only by starting the kernel :frowning: