No Submit Button on Lab for C4_W2

When I launch the lab for C4_W2 there is no Submit button. There is a Go button which I never remember seeing before. How can I submit the assignment?

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can you share the screenshot of your assignment page

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Here’s a screenshot

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can you try clearing the cache and browsing history, then close and reopen the assignment notebook.

if the above step doesn’t work, try changing browser or computer in case you are doing the assignment on a work computer

by the screenshot I can see that you didn’t rename the assignment, so that should not be the issue.

let me know if any of the steps resolved your issue or not.

the last resort would be save a copy of this assignment, then get a fresh copy of assignment, write the codes referring to the saved copy.


Hi @ray.hookway

Was your issue resolved?

Yes. It works on Chrome on an Windows machine, Chrome and Safari on an iPad, and Safari on a Mac. The only place it doesn’t work, even after clearing browser data and restarting the browser, is Chrome on the Mac. This is the environment that I normally use and it has always worked fine in the past. Don’t know what happened, but I do know my Mac is quite old and no longer supported by Apple. Maybe the problem is a new version of Chrome running on the old version of macOS.

Thanks for your help.