No widget showing up in notebook

Hi guys,

My notebooks aren’t showing any widget, no matter how many times I launch it. Should I do something else, like install untils?

Are you referring to “Course 3 Week 2 Assignment”?
Or one of the labs?

If you restart the kernel, then run the first three cells, what do you get?
Please post a screen capture.

My notebook always shows the same results as yours when I first open the notebook, because the “utils.exercise_1()” widget hasn’t run yet.

What “submit your answer” means is that the utils widget is creating a JSON file that has all of your results. Then when you “Submit for grading”, teh JSON file is uploaded to Coursera’s grader for checking.

This is unique for the scope of this course - usually the grader just runs your functions. For some reason, this assignment isn’t function-oriented.

If you don’t get something like this when you run the notebook after restarting the kernel…

…then try these:

  • Disable any popup or ad blockers in your browser.
  • Try using an anonymous or private browser session.

I tried to use another browser, and it works. probably it is adblock.

Thank you TMosh