Not able to get the grade for Programming Assignment: Image Segmentation with U-Net

For # Programming Assignment: Image Segmentation with U-Net

Even though all tests are passed still grades shows zero on submission.

Tried kernel restart clear out put & save and check point submission.
reboot from help.

Still the issue persists.
Cell #4. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: IndexError(‘list index out of range’)

I bet you tried some experiments in the early part of the notebook and missed this key comment in the instructions :scream_cat::

Check out the some of the unmasked and masked images from the dataset:

After you are done exploring, revert back to N=2 . Otherwise the autograder will throw a list index out of range error.

If you thought you were saving yourself time by not reading the instructions carefully, perhaps that ended up not being a net savings … :laughing:

Thank you very much True that!
Missed it!