Not Understanding Week 3 E3, nor E4 (Not Clear)

Hi: I’ve looked at this for a while now.

Not understanding how to set up the syntax for Week E3, nor E4. Maybe it’s me, but the implied setup’s for E3 and E4 are very different from the examples they are referring to under 4.2 through to 4.4

Hi @og3,

You almost understood how to solve the exercise. If you look at “4.2 Autopilot job status”, are we looking for job status in object “job_description_response” or “job_description_response.keys()”. Once go through the Autopilot job documentation link provided in the “4.1 Autopilot job description”, I am sure you’ll able to complete the remaining exercise also. Let me know if you have further doubts. Happy learning.

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A. Sriharsha

can you please help me out in exercise 1,2,3,4 if you done

Thanks for the reply. Do you have that “Autopilot job documentation link in the 4.1 description” that you can paste here?

So there’s no confusion about what you say I should reference. I’ve gone through all the documentation several times. Been at it a while and just not seeing how this set-up for this cell (E3 specifically) maps to any of the examples or the lecture material examples.

Hi @og3,

link to the documentation

Can you print job_description_response before while loop?

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A. Sriharsha


I made some progress. The wording in the notebook was confusing me. Once I saw your reply, then it made much more sense.

It’s still not grading correctly though. The artifacts generation check I’m getting 3 on that section, and the notebooks creation check I’m getting zero. Though I can see the notebooks are being generated. So not sure what’s happening there.

After those two cells, the rest of the assignment grades correctly.

Not sure what more I can do on this assignment to get those two cells (E3 artifacts generation check and E4 notebooks creation check) correct.

Any suggestions are appreciated. These two sections are worth a lot on the assignment.

I was able to fix the artifacts generation check and the notebooks creation check.

The errors were from syntax errors (leftover from all the previous edits I had made). Once I cleaned the syntax up and reloaded the assignment it graded correctly.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

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