Parsing / Storing function output in a variable

Hello All,

Can anyone please guide on how to store or parse the output of the function call while calling an API, for further downstream processing? I’m calling an OData API which returns the following output in a Json format

{'d': {'__metadata': {'uri': '', 'type': 'NorthwindModel.Order'}, 'OrderID': 10248, 'CustomerID': 'VINET', 'EmployeeID': 5, 'OrderDate': '/Date(836438400000)/', 'RequiredDate': '/Date(838857600000)/', 'ShippedDate': '/Date(837475200000)/', 'ShipVia': 3, 'Freight': '32.3800', 'ShipName': 'Vins et alcools Chevalier', 'ShipAddress': "59 rue de l'Abbaye", 'ShipCity': 'Reims', 'ShipRegion': None, 'ShipPostalCode': '51100', 'ShipCountry': 'France', 'Customer': {'__deferred': {'uri': ''}}, 'Employee': {'__deferred': {'uri': ''}}, 'Order_Details': {'__deferred': {'uri': ''}}, 'Shipper': {'__deferred': {'uri': ''}}}}

Since exec() does not return a value, what are the options for downstream processing of the captured data ?

Any guidance or workaround will be greatly appreciated.