Partial Grading for Assignments

I’d like to know, since the partial grader allows us to track our progress as we do the assignment, are we allowed to change the answers that the Partial Grader graded before we do the final submission? Or do our answers stay locked in after being Partially Graded.

Your notebook is graded either fully or partially depending on where you place the partial grade tag.
Each grader evaluation is independent of other evaluations and your assignment state is not retained across runs.

Do you mind responding in a more clear way like I asked the question? My question was quite specific

IMO, the my previous post was clear.

To iterate, there is no locking of learner submissions. You can change your answers and the answers will be graded accordingly.

Why don’t you tell me how this response was unclear?

If your answer was clear you wouldn’t give a 2nd answer, which in fact is much clearer. Thanks