Paula from Ireland


I am Paula from Ireland. I have been working as a planner in the public sector for twenty years and am weary of it. I was seeking alternative work in a completely different field that I could persue. I started doing a few hours as an AI trainer (non technical) and have found myself fascinated by the whole field. I am here to learn. I have no engineering or technical knowledge but hopefully I might find a niche for myself in this area.


Welcome to the family! What kind of A.I. are interested in? I am interested in imaging, especially in medicine.

Wishing you the best,

Katherine Moss

Hi, I am Vere. I live in the British Virgin Islands (B.V.I). The (B.V.I) is located in the Caribbean. I am doing this course to enhance my A.I knowledge. I am anticipating learning from your experiences!

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