PD1, Week 3, Check if the Autopilot job artifacts have been generated

Hi There,

I cannot tell if what I have done is working/not working, because there is no message after I run the code. Please review the screenshot and let me know if there is an error that is preventing the code from running and/or let me know what else you think is going on.

Thanks very much for your help and insights.

Hello @corderojm,

I think there is nothing wrong with your code. It will take some time to finish this and the above cell.

Please let us know if you have any issues with this exercise. Furthermore, if you want to see which step are you in and which steps are finished in the Automl, you can see that in the Describe Automl Job.

Please remove your screenshot after you think your problem has gone.

Best regards,

A belated thanks for your help, @bj.kim!

You are very welcome @corderojm.

Happy learning :slight_smile: