PDS C1 W1 - Lab Grading Error

Can’t get more than 90 in the assessment due to what I believe is an error in grading the
“aws s3 ls” part. It keeps claiming it doesn’t get the right output from my command.

!aws s3 ls dlai-practical-data-science/data/raw/
Output is like the expected output.

(with or without s3:// prefix)

Grading says “the command was not correctly used to view the dataset files…”


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Hi @shneydor,

Do you mind sharing a print screen of your submission report?


@shneydor, I’ve had guidance from deeplearning.ai staff; and maybe you are not uploading the notebook into S3 bucket when putting the code line with the prefix s3://
Thus, you may consider:

  • put the prefix s3://
  • press Save button
  • go to the last cell of the notebook and run it to upload it to S3 bucket
  • go to the main window and Submit again
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