PDS C1W1 - cant launch tool

Cant launch tool to start the assignment on Practical Data Science C1W1

Hi @millsgt,

Welcome to PDS, Can you take a screenshot of what’s happening after pressing launch tool? If you are getting no response, I will forward your query to the team.

Best Regards,
A. Sriharsha

Hello. I am attaching here a screenshot.

I am not even able to press the launch tool link (on the lower right of screenshot) … its as if that link is turned off to me

Hi @millsgt, it seems you have not clicked on the box aside “I, Jay Miller, understand…”
When you click that box the Open Tool Button gives you the option to begin with the assignment.

Please confirm if that works for you.
Best Regards,

Juan Solís

(well that’s embarrassing!