PDS C2W1: what is the x and y column to use for last exercise?

The last couple of exercises for this assignment is confusing… please enlighten me on the following:

  1. total number of reviews for each sentiment: I used SELECT sentiment count(review_id) as new_column
    from “{}”
    group by sentiment
    but the grader keptt insisting it’s wrong… why?

  2. what is the name to use for the new_column? it’s not specified in the assignment

  3. what is the column namesto be used for the x and ay axes for the bar chart? it’s not specified… abd the grader kept insisting it’s wrong…

  4. how to you asctually save the lab assignments to local machine? U cab’t download it to local machine… no point going through the courses when I can’t keep a copy of those assignments I’ve done for future reference.

Hello John

new_column_name is count_reviews .
Already mentioned in the notebook " into the variable query_string_count_by_sentiment . Here you would need to use the column sentiment and give a name count_reviews to the new column with the counts."

x is for sentiment and y is for count_reviews .
“Visualize the result of the query in the bar plot, showing the count of the reviews by sentiment value.”

You can download all the files by right clicking on them and then choose to download.