PDS W1: Getting following error in graded assignment part "The credentials in your login link were invalid. Please contact your administrator."


I started working on the “Register and Visualize dataset” problem. Left the computer for couple hours in between the assignment. Computer went to sleep mode. However, when starting again, getting the following error every time (attached snapshot).

Please note :

  1. I logged out and in to coursera account.
  2. logged out of the page that comes after pressing “AWS with green icon”. Then tried again pressing AWS with green icon
  3. restarted the system, 4) checked my username, email address which seems correct.
  4. Tried using a different browser

Any advise what’s happening here

  • Please share screen shots of what happened after you logged out of the page you posted.
  • Then post screen shots of what happened in each step after you logged in again (what appeared after you pressed, start then the green button etc.

The two points above in case you haven’t already solved the issue.


Thanks for your message. For your information, the problem resolved when I tried the next day i.e. after 10+ hours gap.
To answer your question (also in case it also helps others) : there was nothing different / unique on the page. It just showed that single error (shown in snapshot of original post). So, I guess, waiting out till that 4 hours of the session got over helped me.

Is there a way not to have wait for 10+ hours for this to clear up? I’m running into this a few times and it’s very difficult to plan around and gain progress.

The 2 screenshots I’m seeing is attached. Basically it’s in an infinite loop: click log out->management console page-> back to Vocareum Labs page and click the AWS button with a green dot → need to click log out again and repeats.