Please explain Experience replay

Hi Mentor,

can someone please explain the need of experience replay ? we are unable to understand it. Please explain

HI Mentor,

can someone pls help on to reply ?

Hi @Anbu,

Experience replay is a technique used in machine learning that helps an agent learn from its past experiences. It’s kind of like having a personal memory game for the agent, where it stores key information about its past experiences - things like where it’s been, what it did, what happened next, and whether it got any rewards for its actions. When the agent is being trained, instead of just relying on its most recent experience, it goes back into its memory and randomly picks out a bunch of past experiences to learn from. This is kind of like when you go back and reflect on your past experiences to try and learn from them, rather than just focusing on the most recent one.

The idea is that by remembering past experiences, the agent can make better decisions and improve its overall performance. It’s kind of like how we humans learn things over time - if we’re learning to ride a bike, we might wobble and struggle at first, but as we practice more, we start to get the hang of it. We remember what worked and what didn’t, and use that knowledge to improve our performance.

So, in a way, experience replay is like a machine learning version of this process - by storing past experiences in its memory, the agent can learn from its successes and failures and use that information to make better decisions in the future.


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