Please help me gather more information on Automated engine locking based on alcohol detection in driver

Hello AI learners,

We recently had a sad incident of two youngster being hit by an underage drunk driver taking two lives and shattering two families forever.

As human tend to be less human, machines handled by what kind of individual also matter, then comes law which could be again compromised by human based on economical condition of people involved in such incident taking justice a total demeaneour.

This gave me tickling thoughts on creating an engine system which would not let any drunken driver to drive any vehicle. Although the first target would be car, which got me digging about this, to my surprise, people already have created so many research papers (I was happy to see similar thinking individuals) but I was looking more from AI perspective where humans cannot fool the engine by replacing driver with a non-alcoholic human for alcohol detection and then driven by a drunken driver as human are more mischievous than a machine can think.

So kindly let me know if any such AI projects have been created.

Thank you in advance.


Why not make the driver take a breathalyzer test in front of a video camera before allowing the driver to start / move the vehicle?

This test can be repeated every few minutes to confirm that the driver doesn’t start drinking after passing the initial test.

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hi Balaji,

thanks for the response.

this part I have already thought, the reason why I am digging for older ai projects on this, to know how it was approached.

i was looking from a more notorious point of view where human has every ability to fool a machine, so my thought was more from a perspective that the breathanalyzer being on the steering wheel with an in built camera that can also check human’s pupil as well as their motor ability to stand firm. for this to make more robust, I would require to understand how a human body reacts to every threshold below and above a required level to drive safely.

next I wanted to make sure human ability to fool machine by wearing a goggles/shades, or some human have great ability to withstand even heavy alcohol, or to say human could place another face for starting an engine and then take over the driving seat; as most of such rash accidents happen more because of ignorance, mischievous and/or reckless behaviour. So for a machine to be able to catch all these versatile behaviour need to be incorporated in a more strategic and practical way.

i also wanted to introduce underage issue for the engine to have ability to scan photo id, so no underage drivers can take over the wheels but then again comes down to fake IDs, so many things, when I am thinking pros, I am also thinking about cons.


Please share your research via a google doc. so that others who are curious to help the cause don’t have to traverse the same path.