Please help me with this

I did everything according to the mentioned instructions but this error was popping up while training the model.

Check your code if logs.get ('acc)>=0.995 is incorrect. Go back to videos or ungraded lab. you will find how to write this code line. Hint : >= is the issue

i’ve done everything but the error is still present.

Send your code via DM (Direct Message) to me or to @Deepti_Prasad so that we can help you more

how did you change or update the code line I mentioned which is incorrect??

Jamal told you to send the codes via DM not an empty message. or sent the notebook, in case you are not able to send the codes

Please do this correction for this grader cell


GRADED CLASS: myCallback


where you recalled if(logs.get(‘acc’)>=0.995):
but should be this

if logs.get(‘accuracy’) > 0.995:


Also when you are reshaping and normalising, one need to address the whole image dataset and not only training_images. so those codes also needs correction. you do not need the images to divide in training and test separately for reshaping and normalising.

Although your convolutional model is written correctly, in case you don’t get the desired result after training your model, always come back to model and modify you convolution layers to get the desired accuracy. This way you will learn more about model training than finding the right codes.

All the Best!!!

Keep Learning!!!

@Jamal022 @Deepti_Prasad thanks for your assistance. It’s working now.