Plt_mc implementation

Hey guys!

While the explanation of actual algorithms is great, I do often struggle to use them in practice, with my own data. I still don’t fully realise how do I collect, store and format the data. I hope it will be covered later in the specialisation.

In this particular case I want to plot the data as presented in ‘Optional Lab - Multi-class Classification’. Specifically I’d like to see the implementation of ‘plt_mc’ method. Anyone knows how to do that?

The course doesn’t cover how to create or prepare a data set. It assumes the data set already exists and you just have to import it.

I’m guessing you’re referring to the “C2_W2_Multiclass_TF” notebook?

From this code cell:

If you open the File menu, you’ll find a “” file.
That’s where the plt_mc() function is defined.

Didn’t manage to open it that way, but


did the trick. Thanks anyway!