Practice Lecture PROBLEM

Your total lab spend of $24.430559 has exceeded the total budget of $20.

How can I do next?

Which course are you attending?
What is the week number and the name of the lecture?

Build, Train, and Deploy ML Pipelines using BERT, Week 1 practice lecture.
Thanks for replying

I recommend you post a question in the forum for that course.

The one you’re using now (“Deep Learning AI - General Discussions”) doesn’t have any experts on that course.

Yes, post category is very important. Posting in the wrong category may decrease the chances of your post being noticed by our mentors and you may not receive a timely response. Therefore, it’s important to ensure that your post is in the correct category.

You can change the category by clicking the pencil icon on the right side of the title, as shown in the below image.


Thanks very much for your help