Predict_uservec() takes 6 positional arguments but 8 were giv

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    I get the error
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The text in your cell [17] does not match the current version of this notebook.

Are you using the latest version?


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I don’t know how to explain this issue otherwise.

Hi @amuzz11

Kindly review your notebook again as the screenshot you shared shows you have edited out some of the codes which you were not suppose to and also the cell in picture is from a non-grade cell where you weren’t suppose to edit which could cause failure of submission.

View the below cell from the same assignment the highlighted part is missing from your assignment notebook

To solve the above issue, kindly get a fresh copy and re-do the assignment, also make sure you only write the codes where it is mentioned ###START AND END CODE HERE### Please make sure you save a copy of the assignment you already did, to know the difference between your old copy and fresh copy.

To get a fresh copy, follow the below steps

  1. Save a copy by renaming the assignment notebook.
  2. Then Click File===Open===Select all files and delete.
  3. Click :question: then click Get Latest Version, then Update lab. You should have a fresh copy.
  4. In case point 3 doesn’t get you fresh copy, then click :question: Reboot. Then repeat the point 3 again. This should surely get you a fresh copy.


Thank you, I will do that.

Thank You, DP My Problem Was Solved !!!

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