Prerequisites for MLOps

Is knowing Tensorflow necessary. Do I have to do the tensorflow developer certificate by DeepLearning.AI before progressing into the course? I am well versed with Pytorch framework and have faded knowledge of tensorflow.

Hi Yusuf,
Thanks for your interest in the course.
Given that you already have experience with Machine learning and have some faded knowledge of tensorflow, I would say you are good to go.
From my own experience I can say that this MLOps Course was my first introduction into E2E ML platforms and that the course was doable (although it took me some time to grasp the code and had to go many times through the documentation). Before this course I did the tensorflow advanced techniques specialization, but I feel that this is not a necessary prerequisite before starting the MLOps course, as the other tensorflow courses mainly focus on ML models and this course is focusing on the infrastructure around it.
So if you are particularly interested in MLOps, I recommend you give it a try and see if it works for you.
Happy learning!


Hi @mjsmid, I agree with this suggestion. I think it is good idea to recommend this kind of road, so Lerners have an idea about taking or not the MLPE course with or without knowledge of Tensorflow. Thanks,

Thank You @mjsmid.
This has given me some clarity.

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