Problem in submission W3 final lab

Hello, I finished the lab work and submitted twice yesterday. But received 0 grade. Can someone help to check? My deadline is yesterday. Thanks!

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Can you send me your code in a direct message and I’ll take a look

Please post an image that shows the feedback you got from the grader. That will tell you which functions don’t work correctly, and will perhaps give some clues about why.

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It just says my grade is 0. But I did everything and run through all the code. I don’t know why I got 0. no error mesg.

Please post a screen capture image showing the feedback that you got from the grader.

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That’s not the info.
It should look like this, from the Grades menu:
Inline image

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check cell 19 in the notebook, there is a ‘‘w’’ and it is not defined. Or you can screenshot this cell and we see.

Please do not post your code on the forum, that’s not allowed by the Community Standards.

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I suspect you may have an indentation error in the predict() function.
Be sure that you are using indentation correctly within the rules of Python.

Ok, thanks for that :slight_smile:

Same here I finished it and I am getting the output. grade given was zero

hello, I have the same problem. I also have some difficulty and syntax error with prediction function. Could you kindly help me with prediction function? I wrote the it as in:

I passed it . Thank you so much, there is no more problem