Problem with 2 exams: subscription canceled

Hi everybody,
I finished all the exams but two of them were never graded so I wait until today trying to get a grade and this never happened. I always get 0/100 despite having all the correct answers. So I had to cancel my subscription because I don’t want to pay another month just waiting for this.

How can I solve this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Are you referring to the correct answers on the built-in tests? Those are not comprehensive tests- they don’t catch all of the possible errors in your code. There can easily be errors in your code that the test cases don’t catch.

So maybe the problem is that your code has defects that you never fixed.

Or, it’s also possible that the grader didn’t work correctly, because a) it had some errors (which we believe have now been fixed), and b) sometimes the grader doesn’t work correctly if you are using an older version of the notebook. The remedy for that is to update your notebook and re-enter your code and submit it for grading again.

But since you’ve cancelled your subscription, I think you can’t fix it now, and I do not think you can complete the course without being enrolled.

update your notebook and re-enter your code and submit it for grading again.

I tried until the last day of my suscription. I even noticed that you guys updated the notebook, so I did it again, and still got the same result.

I find it unfair that I have to pay another month to solve this problem and get the certificate as I worked hard to finish on the set dates.

Can I somehow attach my notebook and have you tell me what is wrong?

These are the errors that I get.

Residual Networks:

Face Recognition: