Problem with assignment TensorFlow Introduction

Hi all,

I try to finish the programming assignment “TensorFlow” Introduction. While I pass all tests, I reach a point where code has been implemented by Coursera tutors and this code fails. It’s strange since everything seems to go well so far. The problem is in cell [20] as you can see in the file. Can someone

help me? I

Hi @Fotis_Kyriakidis ,
Did you use tf.reshape(tensor, shape) with the right ‘shape’?

And please check the ‘axis’ in tf.one_hot(). It should be 0.

Hi and thank you for your reply. I suppose I use the tf.reshape(tensor,shape) correctly as I get “All tests passed”. You can see my code in the pic attached. I don’t get what goes wrong.

Hi @Fotis_Kyriakidis ,
Shape should be (depth, 0). By the way, please remove your code. It violates the rule here.

Oh sorry! And thank you :slight_smile:

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