Problem with Course 1 - Week 1 assignment

I have completed the Week 1 Lab several times, without errors. I get 100% on everything expect the SQL Query section, which consistently is 0/15. The results from the queries are as expected per the notebook.

Is there an issue with that section?

Attached is my submission report and sql query which I executed.

Hi @cassin,

Welcome to PDS, Congratulations on passing most of the exercises of the assignment. I think you failed the exercise because above the exercise cell, there was an instruction to name the column as “count_sentiment”. Can you please verify whether it is the error causing the issue? If the issue is resolved please delete the second screen shot.
Happy Learning.

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A. Sriharsha

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I am having the same issue. Getting 0/15 for this section, wondering why.

can i get any kind of feedback?

Hello @dbiber,
Please check that you saved and uploaded your assignment to the S3 bucket before you click the summit button. When you execute last line of the cell, your assignment will be uploaded to S3. Please see below.

!aws s3 cp ./C1_W1_Assignment.ipynb s3://$bucket/C1_W1_Assignment_Learner.ipynb

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I am not sure what the issue was but I just went in to try and work on it again and it says I have 100% on it

I had same experience like you. However everything was just fine if I answer correctly for the question and save then upload the assignment as you did.

Happy learning.

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