Problem with grading my quiz

Quiz week3 ‘Programming Assignment : System of Linear Equations’

after i solve all the questions and submit i get 0%
while i my answers is correct or at least 4 of them according to the built-in check function

i write my code inside ###start### and ###end### and follow every instruction
i tried to download and upload the file , rename it , reload the page
nothing worked

my lab ID : drztweygdrty

Are you referring to a quiz, or to a programming assignment lab?

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If it’s a programming assignment, please look at the Grader feedback. You can click on any of the > markers, and get a text box that has more details.

Please post a screen capture image showing the details.

programming assignment lab

Did you complete the entire assignment?

You cannot grade an assignment that still has “None” statements in it.

I completed all exercises and there isn’t any ‘None’ at all

i solved the problem

What was the issue?