Problem with grading of the assignment 2, week 1, course 2

there is a small typo in auto-grader of my assignment, the second assignment of week 1 for course 2 of the specialization. My code is completely true but it seems there is a problem with the auto-grader and it gives me 60/100. In addition, there is a typo for this problem. In the dropout regulazition method, the size of D1 is 205, not 25 and I think this is the main reason for the error. Please kindly help!

There is no problem with the autograder here. Your code must be wrong. It sounds like you have probably hard-coded the dimensions to match the comments. That is a mistake: you should just use the dimensions of the actual objects that are being dealt with. That is why the dimensions don’t match and the grader rejects your code.