Problems with the laboratory W1

Hello, actually i have a problem with the laboratory of W1, i have waited for 20 minutes and the lab does not initialize or create, anybody can help me or say what can i do?

Hi @Joshua_Bernal_Salced , welcome to discourse! :slight_smile:

Please make sure you follow the guidelines provided to set up the lab environment. Let me know when you have double checked these so we can see if it’s an environment issue to be reported.


Hi @Raul , i actually had the same issue, i am constantly getting "The credentials in your login link were invalid. ", log-out and clicking AWS to start the session again doesn’t help.

Hi Raul after launching the Amazon Sagemaker studio I get the following window :

After some time I get this error :

I can’t access the lab and thus can’t move on in my course what can I do ?

@Hamza_Benkhalil @Duy_Nguyen @Joshua_Bernal_Salced sorry for the inconvenience. I have refreshed the labs for you. Please let us know if there are any other issues.


I also have the same problem. It says, “The credentials in your login link were invalid. Please contact your administrator.” Please help me.

It has been fixed for me, I was able to complete the lab assignment thank you !

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That’s great @Hamza_Benkhalil , thank you for the message. Happy Learning!

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