Problems with W3C3 lab assigment


I have a problems with the W3C3 lab assigment. I’m having an issue with the final part of this lab (I have 70/100 of achievement). I believe I entered all of my project_id information correctly and where asked, but when I try to submit the TFJob it keeps saying “trying and falling to pull image”. I read post on this topic on your forum, i try a lot of things, but i’m felling lost.

contenus lab-files

I also have this warning message perhaps there is link with my problem :

Thank you for your help !
Jérôme Le Bellac.

Hi @user484,

I faced the same problem. And, I have not got the reason yet.
However, I refreshed the workspace and tried again.
Then, correctly passed.

I see nothing wrong with looking at your tsjob.yaml file. However, in my case, I remember running with --step_per_epoch=100 (Maybe it doesn’t matter).

I hope it will help you.

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Thank you ! I will try again

I try your solution “refresh my workspace” but in my case it doesn’t work.

If someone has a other solution, she will be welcome !

I complete the 5 weeks of the C3. It’s the last point to fix in order to finish my C3…

Hi! Please check your saved_model_path and checkpoint_path in the YAML file. Looks like you forgot to prepend your project ID. Please see the instructions in Qwiklabs for an example. Hope this helps!


thank you for your answer. As you can see in picture 3, i put my project ID in my saved_model_path and checkpoint_path in the YAML file. I need to change my saved_model_path and checkpoint_path in a other place ?

Thank you !

Hi Jerome! It looks like you weren’t able to save the file because on picture 4, I see this:

Screen Shot 2022-09-07 at 1.56.30 PM.

On the upper right of the Cloud Shell you are typing on, there is a Cloud Editor button. Please click that to open a file manager-like interface. Then navigate to tfjob.yaml. From there, you can edit the file to have the correct paths. Save then click the Cloud Shell button again to go back to your terminal and execute the next commands.

Hope this helps!