Programming Assignment: Face Recognition BLOCKING PROBLEM

Hello, I coded the Programming Assignment: Face Recognition without any error, but when I submit the solution I obtain 66/100

Code Cell UNQ_C1: Function ‘triplet_loss’ is correct.
Code Cell UNQ_C2: Function ‘verify’ is incorrect. Check implementation.
Code Cell UNQ_C3: Function ‘who_is_it’ is correct.

The problem is that UNQ_C2 is correct, i followed the istruction and the unit testing is OK

I can’t fix since I’ve no hint from the autograder of the problem.

Can the support help me to fix this problem/bug?

I deleted and restarted from scratch with the same code. Now 100/100

Maybe there was a bug. But I am glad you got 100.


The unit tests do not catch all possible errors in your code.