Programming assignment: Face Recognition Error in test

In exercise 1 I get an error (invalid syntax) regardless of the input.

Even if I change it to something that is clearly not wrong, the error occurs.

{Moderator Edit: Solution Code Removed}

If I delete the row of code, another row of code will show the same error.

I have already tried to update the lab to the latest version, rebooted the server and swapped back to an older version of the lab experience. Nothing has worked so far.

I don’t know why but when SyntaxError gives the error and points out to a particular line, it means your bug is one line above that. In your case, check the pos_dist code. Your brackets are not balanced.

PS: Sharing your code is not allowed. So, avoid sharing your code. Only share your full error.

Syntax errors are identified at the point when the parser gives up because it cannot make valid machine code from the most recent text it has processed.

It doesn’t know where the error is, it just knows the point at which it gave up.