Programming Assignment: Logistic Regression

“Submit Assignment” button pushed and now disappeared, but no grading appearing. What to do?

The grading servers can be kind of slow sometimes. But just to check, did you wait for the “popup” message confirming that the submission was completed? If you close the popup before it gets to “done”, maybe it cancels the submission?

Here’s what it looks like after you press “Submit”:

And here’s what it looks like when the submission is complete:

Then on the “My Submissions” tab, you should see something like this until the actual grading is completed, which can take as much as 10 minutes:

FWIW, I did a couple of experiments trying to dismiss the popup before the “submission completed” message, either by clicking “Ok” or clicking the close “X” prematurely. In my experiments, that did not stop the Submit from actually happening.

So much for that theory. :laughing:

Hi Paulin, thanks for the support - it must have been a very slow submission, but now it looks ok thanks. I did experience some strange behaviors of the notebook after my attempt at restarting the kernel, but can’t really remember correctly. In case I’ll post again.