"Programming Assignment: Probability Distributions / Naive Bayes " crashed

I have been working on this assignment “Probability distribution/Naive Bayes” for a sometime now and a couple of days ago, I made some change and saved the notebook. Ever since, every time I launch the assignment to finish it, the notebook kernel keeps spinning and finally the browser crashes with “out of memory error” i.e. chrome or bing. I don’t have a chance to stop the kernel because the moment I open it, it starts spinning and crashes after a few seconds.

Please let me know if anyone has seen this - appreciate your help.

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The most common cause of this is if your code contains an infinite loop.

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Thanks for your response.
Yes, its possible but how do I fix it , because I don’t even have the chance to look at my code or overwrite it as the browser crashes the moment I launch the assignment. I have tried rebooting the kernel , getting the latest tag but to no avail.

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The browser should not crash when you open the notebook, because it doesn’t run anything until you tell it to.

So that’s very puzzling.

You might need to go to the Files menu and delete your notebook file, then you can use the Help menu to “Get latest version”.

When I open the browser, I can see that its trying to load a couple of javascripts (math.js for example) and that’s when it is crashing. I tried disabling javascript in my browser but then of course, the webpage displays a message saying “javscript needs to be enabled for this page to be displayed” which tells me that when the page is being loaded, javascript code is being interpreted.

Yes, I tried “Get latest version” but the page just becomes unresponsive and crashes even though I click on that button.

Try disabling your popup or ad blockers, or use an anonymous (or private) browser session.