Programming Assignment: Question Duplicates

how to solve Exercise no 2 please guide me

Hi @Mohsin_Saleem

You can heck your calculations (by printing intermediate values) against these and see where they start to differ:


Can you give me your code ???

I’m not really sure how to respond to your question.

To explain what I mean:

  • I could give you entire solutions to all the Assignments but that would be against the rules and you would probably learn very little from that. (I assume your goal is learning, not a certificate which in itself is worth very little)
  • revealing entire exercise solution code is in-between revealing entire Course solution and not revealing any code.

So, if you tried to solve the exercise yourself and found that you’re stuck on one of the lines (you don’t get the intermediate outputs), you can ask specific questions and you will receive help. Learning is a process.


Hi, i tried the classify function multiple times, but i am just not getting the output right…the code runs, but my accuracy and confusion matrix are wrong, any kind of guidance would help

Hi @Claudia_Fernandes

Your question should be in a different post because it is another topic (how to post questions).

Also note, that you can first check if nobody have answered your question already and if nobody did then you should create a new topic and specify the details (for example, what are your “output” values).