Programming Assignment: Transfer Learning with MobileNet (question)

Dear all,

I have difficulties in solving Exercise 1.

I have added inside


I used the fact that a previous line of code was AUTOTUNE =
Since I receive the error ‘int’ object has no attribute ‘RandomFlip’, I was wondering if someone can explain to me how to proceed.

Thank you a lot!


Hello Daniel,

Community rules state that publishing code solutions (even if wrong) are not permissible!

The augmentation has not to do with AUTOTUNE, the script gives you a link to data augmentation, also you can always refer to Tensorflow page explanations and examples when dealing with Tensorflow. Such examples are also given in the link below, study it:

In addition to Gent’s answer, here’s a general thread that gives a much more complete introduction to the Keras Sequential and Functional APIs than we get in the course materials. Those will be fundamental from this point forward, so it’s great to get the concepts clear in your mind.

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