Programming Assignment - week 1 - pool backward

Hi, I’ve been stuck on pool backward for a while. I’ve tried the solutions discussed on the forum but I’m getting the same error again and again and don’t understand the problem now. Please help. Thank You


You have to use np.multiply(), instead of *, to multiply the mask with dA.


I tried that too, still getting the same error

What error you are getting with np.multiply()?

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Hello @Syed_Hamza_Tehseen!

Thanks for sending me your code. OK. Look at the code of:

# Initialize dA_prev with zeros (≈1 line)
# dA_prev = None

It is dA_prev and its shape should be the same as A_prev, right? But you use the A or dA shape to define its (dA_prev) shape.

Yes, It worked now. Thank You so Much