Question about the preprocess_image_input function in C3_W1_Lab_2

What is the basic use of preprocess_image_input function in the lab. In my case it is improving the accuracy of the model slightly as compared to without using it. For ex: Without using this function my first epoch looks like this:

While using the function it looks like this:

As can be seen in both images, there is a 2% difference in train accuracies and 4% in validation accuracies. Can anyone please explain the real essence of this function?

Hey @Viditya_Tyagi,
Well preprocessing techniques can enhance the quality and relevance of the input data, making it easier for the model to learn meaningful patterns and relationships. So that’s why you are getting higher accuracy when using it because it helped the model to generalize the learning.


Thanks for the response @Jamal022 ,
So basically it is a wrapper function of keras to do preprocessing. We can also create a pipeline of preprocessing steps to improve the model. Is that what you are inferring?

Hey @Viditya_Tyagi, Well yes that’s correct it’s a wrapper function to help encapsulate certain preprocessing steps or model operations, making it easier to use these functionalities in your code without having to write the same code repeatedly.

So we can use wrapper functions as part of a preprocessing pipeline.