Question: how can i get an answer for programming assignment?

hi, i have tried program assignment and could not find right code for one question. after submission of my answer, i am still wondering what was the correct code. is there any way to see the right code, even after the submission?

No, there isn’t.

But you can ask questions here, and post any error messages, and we can help you solve the problem.

But, do not post your code. Only your error messages.

Understood thank you.

it is W2 of neural network and deeplearning.
programming assignment name:

Python Basics with Numpy

it is asked to Implement the numpy vectorized version of the L1 loss.
i have tried to code above, but got below the error message.
could anyone tell me how i can modify the code?

AssertionError: Not all tests were passed for L1. Check your equations and avoid using global variables inside the function.

What is the incorrect answer that you get for the test that fails? Here’s what I get:

L1 = 1.1
 All tests passed.

They give the mathematical formula in the instructions. Please compare your code to the formula carefully.