Question re: Week 3 exercise 4

For this exercise, I am trying to understand what I am doing wrong? The code below executes without error and prints print(’[OK] DataExplorationNotebookLocation found.’) , however, when I submit the notebook for grading and look at the submission report, it says I failed exercise 4 on the line;

while ‘DataExplorationNotebookLocation’ not in job_description_response[‘AutoMLJobArtifacts’]:

My gut tells me the code should be;
while ‘DataExplorationNotebookLocation’ not in job_description_response.keys():
when I tried running this, it ran and ran for ages like it was in an infinate loop.

This is what I submitted;

and this is the submission report;

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Well ther will be a similar example provided in the above cell, and try keeping the json key as data key job_description_respinse[data location file] pass the data location file key in place of automlattifacts

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