Quiz timed out while making the payment

Hi, I opened my first quiz in week 1 of DLS Course 1 and clicked on “Upgrade to Submit” button to pay for the course. By the time I came back to the course the timer is finished and asked me to the submit the quiz. I actually didn’t attempt any of the quiz questions. I am worried that this will effect by grading percentage if I try to attempt it again as my score will be 0 for the current try.

Sri Harshua

That’s not a problem. You can submit all the quizzes or assignments as many times as you like and the system is smart enough to remember your best score. It doesn’t count against you if some of the other scores are not perfect. With the quizzes, there is a tiny downside in that you are only allowed 3 tries on a particular quiz within an 8 hour period, so it might mean you’ve only got 2 tries left for today. But that’s the only possible issue. If you just close the browser tab without hitting submit, even that won’t be a problem. With the assignments, there are no time limits on repeated submissions.

Got it, thank you for the response !