Quota has been exceeded! can help me reset it?

I clicked start Lab many times because I used it incorrectly at the beginning. The limit has been exceeded…

Quota has been exceeded

Free labs, and labs taken with a subscription, can be repeated a limited number of times.

There is a limit to the number of times you can take a specific lab. The limit is in effect in the following situations:

  • The lab is a free lab.
  • You use a Qwiklabs Advantage subscription to take the lab (for labs that cost credits).

The limit is set by your deployment.

If you try to take a specific lab again, after you have reached the limit, the lab will not start. You get the error message “Sorry, your quota has been exceeded for this lab”.

Note: Quotas do not apply to labs that are part of an instructor-led course, and are taken during that course.

Hi! Welcome to Discourse! You can ask for an extension using the support channels on the upper right:

The chat support is usually responsive. Before doing that though, try to first find solutions to the errors you found before. There might be similar questions asked here in Discourse. That’s just to make sure that you will most likely complete the lab with this new quota.

Hope this helps!