Re-doing all the assignments after graduating course, while saving the compleded ones


I’ve graduated course 1. Now, before tackling the assignments of course 2, I would like to ask how to:

  1. Save the completed notebooks of course 1, and most important how to make sure I can access the notebooks in the near future? When I choose file/save as… I get: release/W2A2/
    Do I need to add a filename? How can I find this path later? I am using PC.
  2. I would like to re-do all assignments of the course I’ve finished in order to strengthen my knowledge and refresh my memory. What is the procedure to have a fresh copy just like I got when I started studying in the course?
    Thank you,

You filed this under General Discussion, but I’m guessing you are talking about the DLS Specialization. Both of your questions are addressed on the DLS FAQ Thread.