Read Numbers in an image

So far I have only worked on image classification and object detection.
Can somebody suggest or advice me on how I would Read Numbers in an image?

@Diwakar_Sehgal :grin: I am not even sure what reference to give you-- There are so many (!).

But the MNIST number classification exercise is a classic example in Machine Learning. Just Google ‘MNIST’ and you’ll find more than you need to.

They must also teach it in one of the classes here, but I could not tell you which one.

can it be used to identify a series of numbers like 243446 and not just a single digit like 4. … ?

@Diwakar_Sehgal Yes, if you structure it properly, but perhaps then you are working into a Convolutional network to identify where the digits are. I’m not an expert at this but a search for OCR might also help.