Reader of Handwriting Prescription

Hi everyone, As a pharmacist, I face a daily problem: reading handwriting prescriptions. I know that doesn’t exist in every county but In my country Egypt, it does. So I thought that AI programs should solve that problem. A lot of Data is available and I think it’s a simple function to process.

If anybody knows an existing Application that solved this problem, Please tell me
Otherwise, what are the challenges that may be obstacles to data acquisition?

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The problem is simple to build thats true, you just need a convnet. The issue is with the handwriting, is the handwriting style the same always and if you have a lot of data for it then yes you can train a nice model for it.

But if the data i.e. the images of the signatures are many different then you need a lot of data to traiin this model from each style. And then again if you only have one style, you should be used to it by now.

Samsung notes uses a nice AI based writing recognition model.

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