Reading npy data files

I downloaded the lab files, but I can’t loaded into my jupiter notebook, no the coursera one, can anyone help me? This help me test my codes before submitting them.

See the FAQ thread. You can use the Forum search tool to find it.

faq showed no results for my question

Don’t worry I found the answer in youtube
thank you for your reply

The downloaded files are different from the files used in the lab, the only one close from the lab is ex7_X which shape is (300,2) but values are different. the others for instance X_train its shape is (1000,11) does not match lab used X_train and also does not have X_val and y_val
That would be very helpful if coursera provide the actual files used in their labs. It is misleading when saying lab files

The lab files are available via the notebook File menu.

thank you, they are updated

I am sorry to bother you again, but I am having difficulty with the assert evaluation within the lab “logistic regression with a neural network mind set” and the propagate function.

In my own environment results are identical to the lab, without any error.

Please help

Franklin Viloria

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A few observations:

  • You’ve posted in an old MLS thread, but you’re asking for support on DLS Course 1 Week 2.

  • Your code continues to not use the notebook file the doctext and embedded instructions.

Tip: The shape of your dw variable is incorrect. The values are correct - the shape is not. You could see this easily if you were using the notebook with the markup that shows the “Expected Output”.

Please don’t post your code on the forum. That isn’t allowed by the Code of Conduct.