Reference Documentation Links point to wrong version

The links to the reference documentation always link to the latest version of the documentation, rather than the version of the API that is used in the code.

There’s even a warning note in one of the assignments:

Note that in the version of TensorFlow used here, there is no parameter score_threshold (it’s shown in the documentation for the latest version) so trying to set this value will result in an error message: got an unexpected keyword argument score_threshold.

The assignment links to the current version of the tensorflow API:

However, this is the correct version of the API documentation:

Is there a particular reason the latest docs are used? Would it be possible to update the assignments to use the specific API version, please?

As a side note, that warning note doesn’t seem accurate either, since the version of TensorFlow used in the assignment does support score_threshold.

Thanks for your report.

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