Regularization Assignment: L2 Reg Cost Function

Hi I am doing my best to setup the cost function adjusted for the L2 penalty. I am getting 3.3889875499163984 rather than the value 1.7864859451590758 that the test wants. However, my code for the penalty matches everything that I’ve found online. I’d share my code but I am confused about the code of conduct. It shares we can share our assignments but then says we cannot share our answers. Please direct me to a staff member that I can show my code to.

Nevermind. I added my penalty to the cross entropy cost, but the code does that later down.

It’s great that you were able to find the solution under your own power. The Honor Code doesn’t allow us to share solution code publicly. It’s fine to show error messages and exception traces, which usually reveal a bit of code, but that’s ok. If the mentors can’t figure out how to help without seeing the code, we can use the DM (direct message) facility of Discourse to have a private conversation that may include some source code.

Thank you for the response.