Regularization lab error for week 1 lab

I seem to be following the instructions as said but I am still getting this error. I think this is a glitch. Is it supposed to output this?

These notebooks have been in use for more than 5 years at this point, so it seems pretty unlikely that you’ve found a new bug in the test cases here. More likely there is a bug in your code. One common mistake is to use the wrong random function to generate the masks. Note that the mask values need to be from the “Uniform” distribution, not the normal distribution, right?

omg that fixed my error thanks

Glad to hear it was something easy to fix. Notice that they were pretty clear both in the instructions and the comments in the template code that it needs to be np.random.rand, not np.random.randn. That little “n” on the end there wrecks everything. :laughing: