Reith lectures for 2021/22

Hi Mentors / fellow students
The Reith lectures for 2022 are a series of talks about Artificial Intelligence by Stuart Russell , a professor (and formerly chair) of Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences at University of California at Berkeley. Four episodes (epochs!).
These are not ‘how to’ discussions but deal with more philosophical aspects of AI.
Topics of the lectures are:
1 How AI could transform our world
2 The dangers of developing autonomous weapons systems (think Terminator?)
3 AI and the future of work
4 Human control over AI
All these are very Science Fiction sounding but Russell’s take is very down to earth and highly appropriate.
You can listen to these audio only events on the BBC at
BBC Radio 4 - The Reith Lectures - Available now
Perhaps you may be interested.


Hi @Ian_Proffitt,

This series of lectures sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing!