Release date course 3 and lecture notes

Hi @lucas.coutinho, is there any update about the course 3?

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Hi @Ralff,

Course 3 is scheduled to go live on 19 April 2023 according to the course page. Please see below:

Thanks @Kic, I hope that’s a final date and will not change after 19 April.

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Last day I checked as same supposed schedule on 19 Apr 2023 (today).
But, today I check, it will be schedule to 26 Apr 2023???
Do you know why it keeps delay? Will it continue delaying later??

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I was just going to sign up for the Probably and Statistics module today. I guess one will have to wait until 26 April to start this course?

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Hi @apple9855 ,

We have no specific information about course releases. In general, the community forums are designed for course content/assignment queries. Please contact Coursera help to lodge a complaint with them, and let them aware if you have been affected in anyway by the changes of release date.

The chat line is the quickest way to contact them.

Would it be possible to get the course 3 lectures notes, as I tend to use and iPad for my toke taking. It would also be extremely useful to have the slides without as many transitions. I use my iPad for note taking, which makes it an issue have to transition between so many slides!

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Kindly urge for Course 3 lecture notes for review :slightly_smiling_face: